wksThe writing at this site is the result of  that work brings together astrology and ancestral divination in a unique combination. Both these practices are powerful diagnostic tools and can be used to explore and optimise avenues of action, and as a guidance system for developing our own personal nature and potential. The aim is to create an holistic approach to living that is deeply informed by the interwoven worlds of energy, spirit, ancestry and cosmology.

This all began with my maternal grandmother at 7 years of age when she introduced me to divination, a family tradition in which she excelled. After this there was no turning back and I was naturally led into undertaking many years of learning with ‘people of medicine’ within the indigenous traditions of Northern Europe, Africa and the Americas.

I began practicing astrology in 1971, when I was 14, and have subsequently developed this into a practice in which the focus is on a soul based/integral and holistic approach. The unique combination of Ancestral Divination and Astrology together is also available.

Along the way I also trained in energetic healing and vibrational medicine alongside traditional practices in divination, geomantics, path-finding, indigenous healing and ‘medicine work’. These modalities can be brought in as befits to support all readings.

In keeping with the traditions, I also teach divination, astrology and healing, both individually and in a group setting, from beginners to advanced levels. In ‘mentoring’ the work is taken a several stages further, the ultimate aim being to develop the individual to the point where the innate facilities upon which these practices are based become naturally activated and the practices themselves become entirely optional, if not unnecessary.

I also work to commission as an artist specializing in carving specifically and sculpture in general, a practice which I also teach.

Root Medicine Of The Stars was launched in 2012 to provide a platform for sharing in the ongoing exploration of these roles in contemporary life. I hope you enjoy the journey.

If you would like more information, or your own path is calling you into consultation, rates and contact info can be found on the Readings page.


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Living Astrology and Divination

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